the genius behind joy mangano huggable hangers

After pursuing many careers along side being a full time mother Joy Mangano finally broke into the world of successful entrepreneurship. Now with several successful products under her belt she comes out with her best home help idea yet, Joy Mangano Huggable Hanger Sets. Her success stems from dealing in products she has had considerable experience with, home help products. In the span of a few years, Joy Mangano has come out of housewife obscurity to household product name success.
Joy Mangano’s Many Inventions
Have you ever heard of the Miracle Mop, the self wringing mop that sold like hotcakes nationwide? That was Joy Mangano. She knows how to take a common problem, and create a foolproof solution. She understood that mop water was not on the top ten list of things people wanted to stick their hands into, and that repeatedly wringing a mop out during cleanup was a chore almost nobody enjoyed. She knew there “had to be a better way”, so she created the miracle mop, and the rest is history. But she didn’t stop there. She has had her own designer handbag collection, the Drop Bag Collection. There is no more expandable or multifunctional bag collection available on the market. With several strap adjustments and even a detachable sunglass case that turns into an evening bag, the options are limitless. The bag can even double as an overnight case.
Small, versatile bags were only the beginning in her specialty packing and home help products career. She has contributed several time, money, and space saving products that have made thousands of people’s lives easier. Such as:
1) Awe inspiring Bedding and blanket creations
2) Jewelry gentle jewelry roll for safe keeping of your precious jewelry with built in cosmetic mirror.
3) Collapsible Bakery Good storage containers
and of course…
4) Huggable Hangers
Joy Mangano Huggable Hangers
Without doubt, the most important and varied creation of Joy Mangano has to be here Huggable Hangers. She has single-handedly given the rest of the hanger industry a run for their (now her) money. There are so many different styles and design choices that you will never think of the hanger as humble or boring again. Her Huggable Hangers are major space savers. They are made with a huggable, velvety covering to prevent clothing from slipping or being damaged in any way. They will not bend under pressure or wrinkle your clothing. The colors are vibrant, and will not fade, so they stay that way. These hangers will give your closet more space, help you to organize, and they are so beautiful, you will never want to close your closet door again.

Marnie S. Williams teaches people how to organize their closets. She recommends Joy Mangano Huggable Hangers and reviews the different sets from the Joy Mangano hanger line.